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Local Health Services

Our Partners

  • Pharmacies
  • Sexual Health
  • Locala Sexual Health Clinic
  • Family Planning
  • Mothers, babies & young children
  • Bradford CCG
  • BPAS
  • Carers Resource
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Epilepsy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Paediatrics
  • Mental Health
  • Mecs- Minor Eye Service
  • Social Prescribing


Our nearest pharmacy is located within the Ridge Medical Practice building. We work very closely with the Ridge Pharmacy as we share a building.

The Ridge Pharmacy are able to offer prescription delivery and collection services for the benefit of the local community.

Other pharmacies may be able to offer these services also.

Please note that some members of the Ridge Medical Practice have a financial interest in Ridge Pharmacy.

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Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections

What are they?
Infections that can be passed from one person to another either during unprotected penetrative sex, oral sex or through close contact with the genital area.

Some of the most common STI’s are: Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Trichomonas, Pubic Lice, Genital Warts, Hepatitis B, Herpes and HIV.

How do you know if you have an infection?
There are many different symptoms which may include pain when passing urine or pain during sexual intercourse, an unusual discharge, a rash or painful sores around the genital area.
It is important to note that some STI’s have no symptoms. Most STI’s are easy to treat so if you have any worries make an appointment with the Nurse and attend the surgery for a check up.

For your nearest STI Clinic
Contact Centre – 01274 200024
NHS Direct – 0845 46 47

If you have unprotected sex with someone it is wise to have a check up just in case.

Unfortunately, a few STI’s can have very serious consequences if left untreated e.g. Chlamydia can lead to infertility.

Ask at Reception for details.

Locala Sexual Health Clinic

Family Planning

Be assured of our confidentiality

Our staff are always approachable about any problems, particularly if you are anxious about contraception needs or sexual health worries. Anything discussed is absolutely confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else without your permission, whatever your age. Even the fact that an appointment has been made will not be revealed to anyone else.


We can help you with all methods of contraception so that unwanted pregnancy can be avoided.

Free condoms are always available from Reception or asking any member of staff.

Most methods of contraception can be provided at the surgery including pills, coil fitting, caps, injections, implants, vasectomies and emergency contraception.

An appointment can be made with any of our Family Planning trained nurses, and a friend or relative can be brought to the consultation if wanted.

Emergency Contraception

This is provided in the form of tablets (‘morning after pills’) or by having an IUD (coil) fitted. It is important that you attend the surgery to be seen as soon as possible after unprotected sex has occurred. This means that the treatment given is more likely to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Like all our consultations, a request for emergency consultation is completely confidential. Please never be put off if you are told that the doctors or nurses are fully booked. A polite but insistent request for a same day appointment is all that is required. It is important that you are seen as soon as possible.

Mothers, babies & young children

Well Baby Clinic

The Health Visiting Team is available every week at the Well Baby Clinics to offer advice and support for parents with children under five.
We can monitor your baby’s growth and review development where appropriate.

Immunisations may also be given during the clinics.

Well Baby Clinics (0-5 years)

The Health Visiting Team is available every week at the Well Baby Clinics to offer advice and support for parents with children under five. We can monitor your baby’s growth and review development where appropriate. Immunisations may also be given during some of these clinics (see below).

Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres are all about helping families and children.

They can help you to access:

  • Childcare
  • Family Support
  • Early Education
  • Health advice
  • Job and Training Support

Other Activities

Each centre also offers a variety of other services and activities to cater for the needs of the community, which may include the following:

  • Antenatal classes and baby clinics
  • Information and advice about breastfeeding, parenting and speech and language
  • Family support and outreach to parents
  • Drop in sessions for parents and children
  • Play and learn groups
  • Dad’s groups
  • Cook and eat sessions
  • Visits and outings
  • Services for children with special needs and disabilities
  • Links with voluntary agencies
  • Links with local schools
  • A chance to meet other parents

Sure Start Children’s Centres Information Leaflet

We actively support breast feeding as being good for both mother and baby.  If you wish to breast feed whilst in the practice, at any of our sites, then just ask one of the reception staff who will guide you to a quiet room for this purpose.


Bradford CCG

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Carers Resource

A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help to a relative or friend who could not manage otherwise due to illness, disability, frailty, mental health, drug or alcohol issues. Anyone can be a carer. Some carers care for an ill partner, an elderly parent or a child with additional needs and some carers are children who look after a parent. Many carers combine this with working, running a home and looking after children. Every caring situation is different but what carers have in common is that they usually put their own needs last.

Where can I get help?

Tell your GP that you are a carer. If you are struggling, please be open and honest about this. Try not to see this as a failure or feel guilty about it; it’s very common amongst carers. Your GP will try and help make things better. This is part of their role.

Contact the Carers’ Resource. The Carers’ Resource gives tailored support and information to unpaid carers and vulnerable people. It is open to everyone and helps people find out what support – financial, practical or emotional – is available and how to access it.

You can contact their Bradford and Airedale team on:

Phone: 01274449660

Address: Unit 15, Park View Court, St Paul’s Road, Shipley, BD18 3DZ

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Domestic Abuse

If you need help and advice we advise you visit Staying Put which is a domestic/abuse charity based in the North of England. They support women, men and children who are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. You can also call them on 01274 667104

If it is an Emergency call 999

West Yorkshire police 101

Police MINICOM 01924 293932

Bradford Women’s Aid 01274666241

Domestic Violence Services Keighley 01535 210 999

Keighley Women’s Aid 01535 667352

Oasis Project 01274 634850

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service 01274 308270

Worth Perpetrator Programme 07949595227

National Domestic Helpline 08082000247

If you identify as LGBT+ you can call any of the above numbers and you can also access Broken Rainbow which is a LGBT+ domestic abuse specialists on 08009995428 or 03009995428

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We are a dedicated team of 2 administrators, 4 GPs with a special interest in Epilepsy, 3 Epilepsy Nurse Specialists and a Clinical Psychologist based at The Ridge Medical Practice.

We provide an accessible community based service throughout the Bradford & Airedale areas to support people with epilepsy and their families. Our aim is to improve the quality of life and safety of our patients using a holistic and person centred approach to their care.

We liaise closely with GP surgeries and hospital services as well as learning disability and mental health teams to ensure seamless high quality packages of care.

We hold dedicated epilepsy antenatal clinics supported by a midwife and obstetrician at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and multi-disciplinary clinics to support transition from child to adult services, along with a monthly support group for anyone affected by epilepsy.

We have allocated link nurses attached to care homes and day centres across the district.  We offer epilepsy awareness and Buccal Midazolam training for carers within the Bradford and Airedale locality, free of charge to promote high quality care provision for all of our patients.

Bradford Community Epilepsy Service can be contacted Monday-Friday 8am-4pm on 01274 425635.

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At The Ridge Medical Practice we have in-house physiotherapists. If you need to speak to one of our specialist please call 01274 425600.

For further information or exercise tutorials please visit:



Do you need additional information and advice – whether you’re pregnant, a young person or have children?

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Mental Health

Mental health problems are extremely common. It is thought that about 1 in 4 people will experience them at some time in their lives. Problems can vary in severity from mild issues that do not impact on your life and can be overcome by the things you do, through to a severe problem requiring specialist help.

The mental health charity MIND produces some excellent online resources that explain about the different types of mental ill-health, and what treatments are available, as well as guidance on what you can do to help yourself. The link below takes you to the website.

Mental Ill Health Types

The websites below may also provide you with some practical help.

Moodgym provides information and training on cognitive behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression.

The Living Life to the Full course is a life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training in life skills. The course content teaches key knowledge in how to tackle and respond to issues/demands which we all meet in our everyday lives

If you suffer from anxiety or depression and are looking for specific information about different types of problems then the information packages, or InfoPax, listed on this site may help you.

Talk to Frank provides friendly, confidential advice on drugs, their effects and lists a range of services to assist and inform.

The website for the mental health charity MIND, whose objective is to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.

The UK’s leading mental health research, policy and service improvement charity, committed to reducing the suffering caused by mental ill health and to help everyone lead mentally healthier lives.

A range of information leaflets developed by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Support for bi-polar disorder.

An organisation supporting people and families with schizophrenia and psychosis.

Mecs- Minor Eye Service

Do you need help and information about a Minor Eye condition?

MECS is available to people with new or very recent onset minor eye problems to get the help that they need quickly and easily closer to home. MECS appointments will NOT result in the issue a prescription for spectacles.


The criteria for MECS examination may include the following acute presentations

  • Loss of vision including transient loss
  • Ocular pain
  • Differential diagnosis of red eye
  • Foreign Body and Emergency contact lens removal (not by the fitting practice)
  • Dry eye
  • Blepharitis
  • Epiphora
  • Trichiasis
  • Differential diagnosis of lumps and bumps in the vicinity of the eye
  • Recent onset flashes and floaters


The following cases will NOT be treated by the MECS service

  • Patients identified in advance to have severe eye conditions which need hospital attention e.g. orbital cellulitis, temporal arteritis
  • Eye problems related to herpes zoster
  • Adult squints, diplopia
  • Removal of suture
  • Patient reported symptoms that indicate a sight test is more appropriate than MECS
  • Suspected cancers of the eye (or in the vicinity of the eye)
  • Age related macular degeneration
  • Patients that have seen in the MECS service in the previous 3 months for the same condition

Visit MECS – Bradford LOC and click on your post code to find opticians in your post code that offer this service.

Click here to find out local services that can help with minor eye problems

Social Prescribing

What is social prescribing and can it help you?

Here At The Ridge we work with Social Prescribing Link Workers:

Jana Rejsilova- Social Prescribing Team Leader

Courtney Mitchell- SPLW & Admin support

Melanie Hannar- SPLW

Kauser Parveen- Mental Health Nurse (works alongside SPLW)

 They can help with things such as:

  • Housing and benefits
  • Unemployment / employment
  • Debt
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Language support
  • Social isolation – befriending
  • Community groups
  • Bereavement

If you want to find out more follow the link and watch the video.

What is social prescribing? – YouTube

Click here to find out more information.

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