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When to call 999 and 111


If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP medical record and more.

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NHS Choices

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The Coronavirus is having a huge impact on our mental health. MIND provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

To find out more about mind visit:

For more information on mental health please visit:

https://www.bdct.nhs.uk/services/first-response/ (First Response – 01274221181 – crisis team for Bradford)

https://bmywellbeingcollege.nhs.uk (Bradford + wider area)





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Age Concern

Too many older people feel they have no one to turn to for support, my feel alone and isolated within their homes or the Coronavirus has impacted social events. Age UK is a charity based company that provides help and support when you need it the most.

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Versus Arthritis

There are over 10 million people living with arthritis, that’s one in six, with over half of those living in pain every day. Versus Arthritis are volunteers, healthcare professionals, researchers and friends that are committed to push back against arthritis.

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Quitting is not easy, but you can make drastic improvements to your life and health, reducing your risk of developing illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease. Just imagine how much extra money you will have in your pocket – if you smoke just one pack a day it can cost you £50 a week.

You will:

  • Save money
  • Reduce the chances of your children suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, meningitis and ear infections
  • Protect the health of those around you by not exposing them to second hand smoke
  • Improve your fertility levels and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • Improve your breathing and general fitness
  • Even enjoy the taste of food more!

If you would like support to stop smoking please ring Bradford Stop Smoking Service on 01274 437700 to book a place.

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Drugs & Alcohol

Misuse of Alcohol

Alcohol can be a contributing factor to more short and long-term health issues than you realise. It can also adversely affect your work, your social life, your relationships and your family.

So how much is too much?

We’re all different. Your height, weight and gender will all play a part in how alcohol affects you, and even what you’ve had to eat that day or how much sleep you’ve had recently can make a difference to how you feel when you drink. So, if you want to enjoy a drink and stay safe your best bet is to stick to the daily unit guidelines.

What is a unit?

People should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (equivalent to a 175 ml glass of wine). Regularly drinking more than this will adversely affect your health.

Visit www.drinkaware.co.uk for more advice on how to control your alcohol intake.

The Piccadilly Project in Bradford provides help and advice for people aged 18+ who have current or recent problems with alcohol use or their relatives /carers.

Call the Piccadilly Project on 01274 735775.


Drug addiction is a very complicated issue; the addict needs much more than willpower to overcome it due to its adverse impact on the brain. It costs society a lot of money and also claims many lives. You are addicted to a drug if you have developed such a habit of taking a certain drug that you feel compelled to keep taking it. If you try to stop, it causes you to be uncomfortable, often physically as well as emotionally.

Find out more at www.talktofrank.com

In Bradford, the Bridge Project may be able to help. They run clinics at our Great Horton surgery, but these must be booked through Bridge on 01274 723863.

Visit www.bridge-bradford.org.uk for more information.

COVID – Track and Trace App

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Please click here to complete Blood Glucose Readings document before your next diabetic appointment.

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Useful Websites

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Long Term Conditions Management

Sometimes we will need to review your long term conditions management to ensure that we have up to date information recorded about your ongoing health matters and to allow us to discuss in detail your own concerns and queries along with ensuring that any medications prescribed to treat the conditions are working well or to adjust them if required.
When we invite you into the practice to have relevant tests taken (usually once a year but sometimes more frequently) we will generally invite you to arrange appointments by text message and we will also direct you to this page on our website in order for you to be able to read more information prior to your appointments. You can see that further information on the links below

Annual Long Term Conditions appointments information

Annual information about having your sugar levels checked

Test Results Information Leaflets

Often when we receive the results of your various test results we might be able to provide you with some information about the outcome of the test so that you can read more about the resulting diagnosis and how to further manage your own health in light of that. On this page there are some of the most common conditions that we might like to further inform you about so we will often send you a text message to let you know about your results and direct you to this page on our website to see the leaflets. You can see the relevant leaflet links below

Bacterial Vaginosis

High cholesterol in those with a low Cardiovascular disease risk

Iron deficiency in Women aged 55 years or younger

Low levels of Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

Opiate Painkillers

Positive Heliobacter Pylori (Hpylori) test

Thyroid tests for those with an overactive thyroid on levothyroxine

Thyroid tests for those with an underactive thyroid on levothyroxine

Vaginal Thrush

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency (not requiring a prescription)

Vitamin D Deficiency (prescription has been issued)

Inhaler Swap

Breathing better


At the Ridge Medical Practice we really want to do the best for our patients with COPD and asthma, keeping you as fit and well as possible.  We also want to protect the environment, providing cleaner air for you to breathe and reducing carbon emissions.  To achieve all these goals we are planning to switch some of your inhalers to ones which are better for the environment, but which are still the same medication, doing the same job in your lungs. This is not a cost cutting exercise, as if anything these types of inhalers are slightly more expensive than your old ones.

The best swap is from an MDI (metered dose inhaler) to a DPI (dry powder inhaler).  It is the delivery system in MDI inhalers which is bad for the environment and so, in the long term, bad for your lungs.



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