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Contraception & HRTWant to start? Change or Discuss?




Contraception & HRT

Contraception and HRT.

Are you currently on/taking any contraception or HRT? Wanting to change? start? or having problems with your current contraception or HRT, contact us to book a appointment with one of our women’s health specialists.

Here at the Ridge we have a number of women clinicians including Dr’s, Nurses, PA’s that can discuss prescribe and change your contraception and HRT.

Do you need some more of the contraceptive pill or more of your current HRT? Please contact the surgery on 01274 425600, if you have had no gaps in treatment and less than 1 months worth of medication left you will be sent a questionnaire which will be assigned to the clinicians to review. The receptionist can also request a small amount of your medication until your questionnaire is actioned.

If you have had a gap in treatment – for example have run out of medication and not had any for a few weeks/months the receptionist will add you to the women’s health list and you will be allocated an appointment with one of our women’s health clinicians.

If you are wanting another form of contraception or HRT or removal of contraception such as the coil or implant you will be added to the women’s health list where you will be allocated a appointment with one of our women’s health clinicians, this will usually be a telephone call in the first instance.

The receptionist’s have been trained to take as much information as possible from yourself – such as if your having problems with the HRT/ contraception you are taking or if its not helping or causing bleeding, this is to ensure the correct action is taken straight away.