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Finding Inner Peace

Want to practice mindfulness and find your inner peace?

  • 78% of us are stressed about money
  • 70% say our jobs are too stressful
  • 55% of us experience stress in our relationships. Spouse, kids, co-workers and others
  • Most common physical symptoms of stress are sleep trouble (40%), irritability (45%), fatigue(41%) and lack of motivation (38%)

Come and join us at our Great Horton Practice, we will be holding mindfulness sessions starting on the 5th of November 1:30pm until 3pm which will be led by one of our practice health champions Margaret !

A daily 20 minute meditation or mindfulness practice can give you better perspective, help reduce harmful stress chemicals in your brain, improve your immune system and raise your sense of well-being. Science has proven that meditation and mindfulness is extremely beneficial for our brain and body!

To read more about mindfulness head to the NHS website Mindfulness – NHS (www.nhs.uk)