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Go sober for October

Macmillan Cancer Support are asking you to get involved in Sober October by going alcohol-free in October to raise money for people with cancer.

You can choose to have a Sober October by taking on the challenge for 21 or 14 days, or go old school and challenge yourself to take on the full 31 days.

We need you to do whatever it takes to help people living with cancer. The pandemic has had a huge impact, with thousands of people having their cancer treatments delayed. No matter what you choose to give up, or how long you choose to go sober for, you will be raising vital funds to help Macmillan continue being there for the millions of people living with cancer in the UK right now.

And you’re not just helping others, you’re helping yourself too. Having a break from alcohol has great health benefits, such as having more energy, a clearer head and sleeping better, plus no hangovers!

So, we hope to see you take part in Sober October, raising a glass (of water) and standing proudly beside people living with cancer.

1Sign-up and choose 31, 21 or 14 days sober
2. Go booze-free in October
3. Ask friends and family to donate to you
4. Help people living with cancer

Perks of going sober

  • Helping people living with cancer. By taking part in Sober October and raising money, you are helping Macmillan to do whatever it takes to support people from the moment of cancer diagnosis.
  • More time on your hands. You’ll have time to fit in a morning gym class or weekend run, check out the breakfast menu at a new restaurant or learn something new once you’ve banished those horrible hangovers.
  • Better sleeping pattern. You’ll wake up with a spring in your step and increased energy levels – who knows what greatness you could achieve?!
  • A happier bank balance. By giving those alcoholic drinks a miss, just think how much you’ll save!
  • A healthier you. With a clearer head, clearer skin and free from hangovers, you’ll be feeling on top of the world.