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Pharmacy Referrals and what it means for you

Women’s Health

This section is dedicated to women’s health and is here to provide help and advice, whether it’s about finding the right contraception or further information about your period. Click on the condition, symptom or topic below to find out more.

Cervical Smears

All eligible women 25 – 64 years of age will be sent information for cervical smears. From the age of 25-50 smears need to be taken every 3 years, after the age of 50 this needs to happen within every 5 years. This is a simple, painless procedure, carried out by the nurse, and enables early detection of changes that can prevent more serious conditions occurring.


If you would like information or advice relating to the menopause, please make an appointment to see the Doctor or Nurse.
For information visit:

What to do if you think you are pregnant

You can refer yourself directly into the midwifery services by following the link to their portal below or if you prefer you can arrange an appointment with your GP who will then refer you to the maternity services. An appointment will be sent to you, from your midwife, for you to be seen when you are about 12 weeks pregnant.

Maternity Services

After your 12-week booking appointment, care during your pregnancy will be shared between the GPs and the midwife. Appointments will be made on a regular basis to ensure your pregnancy is progressing normally.