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Our Genes Our Health

In Bradford South Asian people have some of the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes and poor health in the UK. Living with a long- term illness has a major impact on a persons quality of lifer and on their family. Bradford Genes 7 Health is a medical research study set up to help fight against these and other major diseases It is funded by the Welcome Trust, the UK’s foremost medical charity.


Are you :

Bangladeshi, Pakistani- British-Bangladeshi or British – Pakistani?

Aged 16 and over?

Willing to provide a small saliva (spit) sample?

if so, you can take part in Bradford Genes & Health, a collaborative health research study for Bradford.


By involving Large numbers of local Bangladeshi and Pakistani people study hopes to find new ways of improving the health of Bangladeshi and Pakistani in Bradford and worldwide.

Some early aims of the study are :

  • To study normal variation in genes in adult Bangladeshi and Pakistani people. Knowing what is normal is important when searching for genes causing inherited childhood diseases.
  • To study genes in people with very high and very low cholesterol levels.
  • To study variation in genes in healthy adults whos parents are related. these studies will tell us how genes work and help develop new medicines.
  • To study genes of people with diabetes, aiming to identify rarer types of diabetes for which more specific treatments can be used.


How will the study be carried out?

Genes & Health is establishing a panel of tens of thousands of local volunteers. The volunteers will be asked to donate a small saliva (spit) sample and share their GP and hospital medical records in strict confidence with the study team. Volunteers will be asked to give their consent to be contacted again and some may be invited to participate in further health research studies on the basis of data gathered from their samples, health records and information provided.

Genes & Health is supporting studies looking at how genes influence disease. By looking more closely at how genes work, and how diseases develop, it will be possible to identify better treatments to cure or help prevent them.

Genes & Health will also support many other health research studies, details of these can be found on our research page.

Information and samples from the Genes & Health resource may be made available to other scientists working in health care research (scientists will not be able to identify the person who gave the sample), including universities and industry, which may be based in the UK, or worldwide. Genes & Health is a not-for-profit project.



Click here for the Urdu Information Leaflet 

Click here for the Bangal Information Leaflet 

Click here for the English Information Leaflet 


 For more info visit;

or call on 01274 364474

 To take part visit the research team at Ridge Cousen Road BD7 3JX during the week commencing 23rd May between 9am to 5pm each day for a quick chat and to provide a saliva sample.