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Pharmacy Referrals

Pharmacy Referrals and what it means for you.

If  the ailment or symptoms that you have described to the care navigator (receptionist) are usually able to be managed by your local Community Pharmacist.  To save you having to go and wait to be seen in store, we can make a referral to them for you and they will contact you back within 6 hours (or in the morning if you are referring after 2pm) to have their trained pharmacist speak to you and give you advice about how to manage your symptoms over the phone and/or invite you into the store at a convient time for you, to see them in person.  If it transpires that they are unable to help you or if you need to see one of our clinicians urgently the same day then they will refer you back to us directly – you will not need to call us again for a same day return referral.