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Repeat Prescriptions

If your doctor agrees, you may obtain repeat prescriptions for regular medication without being seen in the surgery (please give 48 hours’ notice).

The doctor must first agree that it is appropriate – having had a prescription before does not automatically mean that it will be issued again. You may therefore be asked to attend surgery.
We like to conduct six monthly prescription reviews to enable us to renew your prescriptions if needed as well as checking on your well-being.

Online Prescription Requests

Manage your prescription quickly and easily wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SystmOnline Repeat Prescriptions

If you have not yet registered:

SystmOnline makes medication requesting easy.

To access prescription requesting via SystmOnline, you will need to fill out a Registration Request form.

Once you have obtained your login details, simply login to SystmOnline to view a list of the medication you have been prescribed. Select the prescription you need and click the ‘Request Medication’ button.

Your prescription will be ready in 48 hours at your usual surgery/chemist.

Please Note:
The Ridge Medical Practice operates a computerised prescription system which holds all prescription information.

As a general rule, medications issued will be under the drug name rather than the brand name.

This explains why sometimes the name on the prescription is not necessarily the one with which you may be familiar, although the drug is exactly the same.

There are various ways you can order your prescriptions: online, by post, by dropping off a prescription counterfoil, or hand written list at reception.

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