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The Five Parks Primary Care Network

The Five Parks Community Care Network

Working together to support healthy communities in Bradford South.


The Ridge Medical Practice is proud to be part of a network of 5 GP practices (The Ridge, Horton Bank Top, Horton Park, Parklands And Wibsey & Queensberry) that work together increasingly for some of the services that we deliver and we share a broader team of clinical staff that work between our practices. These networks of practices, which are formally contracted by NHS England are known as “Primary Care Networks” or PCNs for short. As a network, where it makes sense to, we deliver things jointly whilst still retaining our own practice identities.


Over the last nearly 4 years that the Primary Care Network has existed we have been gradually expanding the range of things that we do together and the resources that we are sharing between us. This now includes some of the following things, plus much more:

  • Delivering our annual flu campaign (now including Covid boosters too) as a single joint campaign
  • Employing a team of 5 Social Prescribers providing an invaluable service to patients
  • Working closely with the hospital trust to have a team of 4 first contact physiotherapists providing us with front line support for patients with MSK issues
  • Employing a team of network pharmacists supporting practices with daily prescription tasks but also doing a lot of pro-active work on medications across all practices – including structured med reviews, medication switches and the promotion of greener prescribing
  • Starting to train and embed paramedics to integrate into our network practices working closely with YAS (the ambulance service) as an additional line of clinical support

Our Purpose

To deliver joined up, effective primary care which has meaningful impact on the health of all people in our communities, with a focus on reducing health inequalities.

To collaborate as a team and work at scale; to best meet the needs of our patients, nurture our staff and strengthen our individual practices.

Our Values 

Care- Supporting patients with high quality care, developing our people to support one another.

Collabaration- Learning implementing ideas and achieving more together  

Focus- Tackling challenges to deliver what is important to our community.

Progress – Improving all of our practice’s capability with new services and better access to funding.